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Taber Industries

Company History & Background

Taber Industries consists of three unique product lines. Our Materials Test and Measurement Division was originally founded in 1941 by Ralph Taber as the Taber Instrument Corporation, which was established to manufacture precision testing instruments. Today, Taber is recognized as a global leader for the design and manufacture of high quality, affordable test instruments. Used to evaluate the physical properties of materials, Taber instruments play a critical role in the way companies test the durability of their products. Best known for our expertise in abrasion and surface wear, Taber also offers solutions to measure resistance to scratch, mar and scuff damage; along with bending resiliency and stiffness.

In 1955, Taber's product line was expanded with the acquisition of bonded foil strain gage pressure transducers from Frederick Flader - former chief engineer of the Curtis Wright Aircraft Company. The Transducer Division provides high quality instrumentation for critical pressure measurement applications. Used to measure the pressure of gases and liquids in ranges from a few pounds per square inch (psi) up to 50,000 psi, Taber pressure measurement products are engineered for hostile and high reliability environments along with demanding scientific and industrial markets. Over the years, Taber transducers have been involved in numerous programs involving life support, ground support and flight hardware for space, aviation systems and testing, and military vehicle applications. Most notably, in 1965 Taber incorporated a 5V amplifier module in a pressure transducer for use on the initial Apollo Space Craft. And in 1985, the use of high reliability electronic components was initiated for the Naval Research Labs in conjunction with the launching of satellites from the Space Shuttle.

The Taber Instrument Corporation was acquired by the Teledyne organization in 1966, when it became Teledyne Taber. In 1967, the Teledyne Corporation acquired the Kenco Press Company and relocated it to Teledyne Taber’s facility in North Tonawanda. The Kenco Press Division manufactures rugged and dependable, small precision presses including the 3 and 5 ton Kompac presses.

Throughout its history, the Taber name has been associated with Quality and Reliability. In August 1992, the company changed ownership and became Taber Industries. We operate today with the same principles that Ralph Taber started this company with - meeting customer needs. With over seventy-five years of successes, we continue to invest in advanced technologies and manufacturing processes. With an in-house machine shop, dedicated design and manufacturing engineers, specialized mechanical and electronic manufacturing assembly departments, along with test facilities, Taber Industries is 100% vertically integrated.

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